The ads proclaim, “Texas: It’s Like a Whole Other Country”, and anyone who’s been there on holiday will tell you the same. 

While you might initially think of cowboys and farms—and yes, there are plenty of those in Texas—you’ll also find heaps of trendy bars and shops in its major cities, not to mention some of the best amusement and water parks in the country. There’s also beaches, rivers, hill country and swamplands, so whether you’re travelling with the entire family or on a solo adventure, you’ll have loads of fun exploring the Lone Star State!

Frequently Asked Questions about Texas

How big is Texas?

Texans like to boast that everything's bigger in Texas, and for good reason! The Lone Star State is simply massive: it's the second-largest U.S. state in terms of both land and population. Texas spans 432,265 square kilometres and is home to over 27 million people.

What is the biggest lake in Texas?

The biggest lake in Texas actually spans across both Texas and Louisiana. It's called Toledo Bend Reservoir, and it has a surface area of 749 square kilometres. The biggest lake that sits entirely within Texas is Sam Rayburn Reservoir. It's affectionately dubbed "Big Sam" by the locals and spans 463 square kilometres.

What are the six flags over Texas?

While many folks associate "Six Flags Over Texas" with the famous amusement park chain by that name, there's actually a historical significance to the term. Six nations have laid claim to Texas territory at some point or another, those being Spain, France, Mexico, and the United States of America, as well as the now-defunct Republic of Texas and Confederate States of America.