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Frequently asked questions about SUV rental

Can I tow with a rental SUV?

Unfortunately, most vehicles offered by SUV hire outfits don’t have a tow bar and can’t be used for towing. Contact your car rental company directly to find out about their policy. If you do find an SUV with a tow bar, the amount you can tow depends on the make and type of the car. As a rule of thumb, a small front-wheel drive SUV can tow 680 kilograms, an all-wheel drive intermediate SUV 1,360 kilograms and a full-size SUV 2,260 kilograms.

How much to rent an SUV?

SUVs come in a variety of makes and models and are priced accordingly. Cheap SUV rentals start at AU$270 per day and can go over $160 per day for a luxury SUV rental.

What is a full size SUV rental?

A full size SUV usually seats 7 passengers, with some models even featuring seating for 8 people. Ideal for families and large groups, a 7 seater SUV rental will give you all the space you need for road trips and holidays. A full size SUV rental is also ideal for those transporting a lot of luggage.

What is a standard SUV rental?

Standard SUVs are smaller than full size and intermediate SUVs. Usually fitting around 5 people, models worth considering in this range include the Ford Edge, Dodge Journey and Mitsubishi Outlander. A standard elite SUV is another term used for a full size SUV.

What is an intermediate SUV?

Also called a midsize SUV, an intermediate SUV is smaller than a full size SUV but larger than the standard SUV. It usually seats 5 passengers and has plenty of room for luggage. If you don’t need the ample space of a full size SUV, an intermediate SUV is the way to go, as it is more fuel efficient and easier to handle on the road.