The landscape of Hawaii isn’t just the perfect photo op for your social media account. After all, who can resist pictures of the Pacific Ocean, rushing waterfalls and brilliant sunsets? Not us, which is why you should definitely tag us once you visit. The American state is also home to three active volcanoes, each rumbling just beneath the surface and threatening a dramatic eruption, but we’re not going to worry about that for the time being. Once you arrive, the “Spirit of Aloha” will knock all your cares away...but don’t worry; if you can’t stand relaxing, you can still get swept up in exciting water sports and take a helicopter ride within 150 meters of volcanic lava. No matter the speed of your Hawaii holiday, you’re bound to leave with a slew of memories and a feeling that you’ll be back someday.

Things to Do in Hawaii

From Maui to Oahu, the activities in Hawaii can only be described as diverse. Each of the six islands brings its own flavour, though some things to do in HI are universal. For instance, whether you stay on Lanai or Hawaii Island (aka “The Big Island”), there will always be a chance to kayak, snorkel and go horseback riding along the coast.

On the Big Island, hop into the water and enjoy a snorkelling excursion with manta rays, or stretch out on black sand beaches. Yes, thanks to the volcanic activity in Hawaii, places like Punaluu Black Sand Beach have grains the colour of midnight. Cool, huh? Naturally, first-time and returning visitors to Hawaii should check out events like luaus and surf lessons. Hawaiian car rentals will make your life easier; after all, you don’t want to miss out on an epic hike because you couldn’t make it to the trailhead.

Shopping, Dining & Nightlife

When you’ve had your dose of outdoor adventure in Hawaii, modern conveniences and trendy fun also await. Looking to spend some of the cash you saved by booking one of the top Hawaii packages with Wotif? Take thyself to downtown Honolulu and Waikiki, the hubs of all things retail on the islands. Here you’ll find everything from high-end designers to small local boutiques. Sure, you may have to check an extra bag on the way home. But it’s worth it!

After your spending spree, go ahead and refuel with an island meal. From spam to luau pig to elegant seafood fare, Hawaii is ready to please your palate. After dinner, treat yourself to an iconic shaved ice treat.

Still not ready to hit the sack? Honolulu is abuzz with tapas bars, nightclubs and live music nearly every night of the year. Even if you don’t usually stay up to greet the dawn, neighbourhoods like Waikiki will make you want to extend your curfew.

What’s Next?

Ready to make your island dream a reality? Thanks to Hawaii package deals from Wotif, you can have a lei around your neck in no time without breaking the bank. Whether you’re aiming to relax on a Mountain View holiday or live it up in Waikiki, there is a Hawaiian holiday calling your name. Go ahead, answer it by booking your next adventure today.