Dunedin can wear many hats — old and modern, natural and cultural, fun and serious — and each hat is worn with pride.

Sitting so far south on New Zealand’s east coast, Dunedin used to be a bit of a sleeper. But of course the city’s big rollings hills, dramatic coastline and special wildlife were bound to get noticed and its historic buildings and Scottish heritage add to its appeal. So now the secret is out. Instead of clinging to the past, Dunedin is going all out with eclectic modern shops, cool little cafés and a big student nightlife. Nicely done, Dunedin.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Dunedin

How far is Dunedin from Queenstown?

It's about 300km from the Dunedin to the Adventure Capital of the World. That's about 4 hours' driving, and there's a public bus that makes the journey.

Where does the Southern Scenic Route start and finish?

The Southern Scenic Route is a picturesque highway that traverses the southernmost region of the South Island. It runs from Dunedin Central to Queenstown and passes popular tourists areas. Among them is Catlins Forest Park and Milford Sound, where scenes from The Lord of the Rings were filmed.

What beaches are in Dunedin?

St. Clair Beach is 5 kilometres south of the CBD and its white sand connects with St. Kilda Beach. A little further south is Brighton Beach, a great spot for surfing.

Does Dunedin really have the steepest street in the world?

Yes, says the Guinness World Records, Baldwin Street is the steepest residential street in the world. Walk up this road with a 20 percent gradient and you'll tend to agree.